Sunday, 4 August 2013


July 26th – Power.

It was harder than ever to get out of bed this morning. Perhaps my decision to head out for a couple of beers with Eben last night was misguided. I managed to haul my body in to the brine at 7:40 where I proceeded to wipe-out on everything that wasn't a closeout while Bryce dominated as king of the waves on the longboard. Picking up one glassy piece of perfection after another. I got out thoroughly frustrated that I had got up so early to surf so badly.

I headed over to the office after giving Vanessa (one of the Children at the house) a selection of colouring pencils that I had promised her on my return the previous night. Ebenezer arrived a couple of minutes after me but with the power out we couldn’t do the work we wanted to so we set about cleaning the office. The office is situated on the edge of town and is in reality a box room with no windows with 3 desks, some chairs and bookcases on the far wall opposite the large shipping container style doors. It is a haven for spiders. We were halfway through removing the arachnid population and tidying the bookshelves and sweeping the floor when Julia turned up to help.

I grab breakfast (a large omelet and bread) back at Sabina’s before heading to the beach. The tide has sank back from this morning’s high tide and I decide to sit instead and read my book under the shade at the Okorye Tree watching the waves while the guys next door at the new surf shop erect a bamboo covering on the beach to display the hire boards. It’s up in under 3 hours.  I don’t feel well and sit alone reading over lunch before heading to the school in the heat of the afternoon sun to see if anyone will turn up for sports now that school has finished for the summer. Ebenezer turns up and we play football with some local kids before for a sweat-drenched hour (Ebenezer’s team wins 2-1). I head back to the beach and plunge gratefully in to the cool ocean to revive myself before heading out to surf. At first I try the longboard after Bryce’s display this morning before quickly switching back to my fish. I didn't surf amazingly but it was better than this morning. I get out tired and hungry and sit at the bar. A sound system crackles before spilling out music on to the beach. Finally. After 3 days. Power!

I chat to Bryce for a while about home, girlfriends, the future before heading home for a Friday dinner of fish and yam chips. Revived it is time to hit the bars. Well, it is Friday night after all… And we've got the power!  

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