Sunday, 3 November 2013

An update from Eric.

A couple of weeks after my meeting with Eric I received the following text message. It's nice to see that even fetish priests are getting in to SMS marketing.

From: Eric
To: Anthony
THE TELEPATHY Atuakosuah Shrine. Edwenasi. HN0 DS032. Ejisu-Juaben Municipal.How are you Anthony and you friends.How is it going to being [Redacted]?.I discovered the linguist* told you not to talk to women, you can do whatever you want. Consulting the gods have no restrictions.Tell your friends to contribute to buy me whisk and Batakari (Traditional wear).Eric Oppong.The Festish Dancer.

*The linguist was the school teacher

I'm hoping the whisk is so that he can make omelets for future visitors. I was amazed and touched by the follow up to our meeting and replied in kind:

From: Anthony
To: Eric
Thanks Eric. I've been spreading the word about you and your shrine to all I meet. It was an incredible and moving experience that I thank you for again. I am [redacted] and with the spirits help I hope to achieve. I hope you are well and the spirit is strong. Medase Pa. Anthony.

Eric in full flow with the linguist (the school teacher next to him).