Friday, 21 December 2012

London2012aggedon round-up.

So London2012aggedon is drawing to a close. Unlike the universe which is stubbornly continuing to exist, in stark contrast to the Mayan's who predicted its end. And surf wise (as always) its been a mixed year around the country. Personally my surfing year has been pretty good. It started off with my first winter surf at both of the Witterings in Feb followed pretty quick by a quick easter trip to North Devon - followed by a nice bout of tonsillitis just in time for my anniversary, much to my girlfriend's delight.

The North Devon trip was one of the more eventful trips of the year: we broke down on the way down, got drunk, had a midnight easter egg hunt and went to a sheep sheering match (a first for me).

Then this summer rather than the exotic trips of Morocco and Fuertaventura last year it was a week in Newquay with a new custom Longboard with the boys. And man were we blessed with waves. The whole week was 3-6ft and offshore. IN JULY?! when does that happen?

The swell was sweet. The nightlife lived up to billing. And the new board rode like a dream. There is nothing better than a trip with you're mates or spilling out of a nightclub at 3am, getting home for toast and babestation before heading out for a sunrise session. It was one hell of a week.

But the summer wasn't over. Come August it was back to Newquay for Boardmaster's festival. The surf didn't play ball over the weekend. 1ft at best when my brother Robs and despite the conditions we headed out just to enjoy being in the sea. And the sea rewarded me. With a weaver fish sting. But a weekend of zider, sun, music, bmx and Dizzee ensued. 

The Sunday morning greeted us far too soon. With fuzzy heads and dry mouths we managed to drag ourselves down to Fistral to meet the now British Champion Alan Stokes for our 'Surf with Stokesy'. In our naivety we thought with the small swell that we wouldn't be heading out. And in a way we were right. What we weren't expecting is that Stokesy, Vito Sport and the Animal team would have sorted an artificial wave for us to enjoy. And my god. That thing is a revelation. Such a great end to an awesome weekend.

Before long autumn rolled around and Wales was the destination of choice for, as my girlfriend put it 'a non-surfing holiday'. And I kept that promise. All the way until day 3. When I just couldn't help myself from hiring a board form surfing legend PJ Jones when we were staying at Llangennith in the campsite right by the beach. In the words of the Arctic Monkeys 'I can resist anything but temptation'. The next day I got one of the bigger sessions of the year at Rhosilli. The shelter of the cliffs to the south blocked out the gale blowing throughout the day giving some cleanish 5-7fters which I rode on a hired 8ft bic board. Up yours board snobs!

At the end September I finally joined the London Surf Club. Although I had to wait until early November to go on a trip due to injury. It was also my first surf trip after passing my driving test in October. And what a day it was. A 5am depart from Finsbury Park via Brockley and Streatham before hitting the road to Boscombe Pier. Winter wetuit on and a clear day of cold 2-4ft waves right by the Pier.

Overall 2012 was a hell of a good year full of good trips with good company and good waves as well the small issues of the Olympics, the Jubilee, Euros, Eng beating Nz, Parko's World Championship win, Obama re-elected and the end of the world. Here's to 2013. If we are all still here.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Final day mayhem: The chase for the world title.

It's the final day at Pipe and things are already getting interesting. Ke11y went down in the 4th to Kerrzy, who has injured himself and gone to hospital for checks. So Ke11y has to fight out an extra round if he is to have any chance to beat Parko to get his mitts on his 12th world title - Its just greedy really isn't it.

So whether your Team k11 or Team Parko its going to be the hell of an evening. So crack open the beer and catch all the action here.