Thursday, 29 November 2012

Soho's Pop-Up Surf Shop.

So Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat. Your Nan is planning her racist comments for the dinner table. Christmas Markets have opened their doors and a surf shop has opened in Soho. Who've thought it? A surf shop in Soho?! I know crazy. In amongst all the sex shops, strip clubs and trendy wine bars nestles a little island of surf. Finisterre: the cold water surf specialists, have deemed London cold and wet enough (which it has definitely been this last week) to temporarily set up shop. Fuck yeah!

Nah I haven't got any brollies mate, take a wetsuit instead.
Its a great thing having a surf shop back in central London. After the closure of the Quicksilver store on Regents Street its felt fairly empty wandering the streets each lunch time, I need somewhere to go for a perv at lunch. For a release. A surfgasm if you will. 

However, I have felt a little unfulfilled by Finisterre's pop-up offering. I mean they have some great clothes (if a little out of my price range) and a few boards and pictures as decoration. But it feels a bit sparse. I know its only a pop-up but for a brand that really wants to do something different to Quicksilver, Rip Curl, Billabong, their London surf shop just the same as any of the others; an overpriced clothes shop with a couple of surfboards in as decoration. Which is a bit disappointing, But in all honestly who is going to buy Quad Fish or a wetsuit in central London on a whim? Well me. I would.... And members of the London Surf... And maybe passing Australians. But other than that who? I ask who?! 

The Finisterre shop will remain firmly popped up on Glasshouse Street in Soho until the 2nd of December  (and maybe longer according to one of the lovely Americans inside) and it is worth a visit if just for the uncharacteristically friendly welcome (for London anyway) and chance to talk surfing with like minded people. They are even showing some surf films in the shop at some point this week (@finisterre for the latest info). 

However, if you do need a new wetsuit or just fancy taking a board home on the tube (always a hilarious experience) Ocean Leisure on the Embankment is your place.

Happy festive surf shopping. 


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