Wednesday, 7 November 2012

nO pROS.

Saturday 27th October 2012 is a night that will go down in history (and probably in Geography and English as well) as a night where five mates got drunk on a farm and watched a video. This was the first time all the boys back together (-Sam)  in over a year for a Birthday blow out for quarter centurion, dairy farmer and host Bolts along with the the premier of nO pROS the film of our summer trip to Newquay.

Now there have been some big surfing movies this year not least the release of Kai Neville's Dear Suburbia, the rise of What Youth, Jordy Smith's Bending Colours and in the UK The Endless Winter that premiered on Channel 4 to name but a few. As well as the releases in the normal world of The Hunger Games, War Horse, Twighlight (not that I've seen any of them) and even James Bond. But this was the big one. No film this year has been greeted with as little enthusiasm or to as few people as nO pROS.

The Stars Turn out for the Premier.
Nor has there probably ever been a premier that has been as drunken as this. The majority of us had been drinking since around 6pm (except anyone who came with Posh Tom who had a scenic late night tour of Britain before turning up at the Pub just before closing time) and it was around 2am when someone finally managed to drunkenly slip the DVD in to the player - the Leicester Square Odeon this is not.

Getting people to watch your film drunk has major advantages, I don't know why people haven't thought of it before as 1. Everything is funnier drunk 2. Anything is fascinating when drunk, and 3. As long as there is booze people will stay to the end. - take note the makers of Robin Hood! Thankfully we didn't run out of booze. It was a great night with everyone receiving their own copy of the DVD after and a massive hangover the next day.

Watching the action.
Birthday Boy with his cake
You can see the full film in all its glory here

The finished DVDs in all their glory.
Cheers to all involved. Next stop Portugal?



P.S. Hi Pedro! - there you go you are involved now!

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